Commercial and Industrial Pest Control in Vancouver BC

Commercial Pest Control


We understand that each and every business warrants a unique approach. The needs of your business will be assessed as an individual.

Our focus: Services that meet your specific demands. Your focus: Running your business, leaving the pest solutions to us.

kitchen-1159532_1920-1030x687Each assessment begins with an on-site inspection and consultation to determine your particular requirements. Our technicians will provide recommendations designed to meet the needs of your business. All service plans will provide the appropriate documentation you require.

We offer businesses customized Integrated Pest Management services and solutions where our control schedules are built to accommodate the schedule and cycle of your business.

If you have broad and sophisticated, or small and simple requirements;


Atlas will tailor our treatment plan to suit your needs that utilizes elements including:



  • Same Day Electronic Reporting
  • Web Based Scheduling
  • Area Inspection & Per Device Details
  • Monitoring
  • On going Maintenance Programs
  • Preventative Measures


Integrated pest management (IPM) is a broad-based approach that integrates practices for economic control of pests. IPM aims to suppress pest populations below the economic injury level.

The main components of an IPM Program involve:

  • IDENTIFICATION: Identifying pests, their natural enemies and damage.
  • MONITORING: Documenting populations of pests and beneficial organisms, pest damage, and environmental conditions.
  • ACTION DECISIONS: Decisions based on potential damage, cost of control, value of production, impact on other beneficial organisms and the environment.
  • TREATMENTS: Including a combination of behavioral, biological, chemical, cultural and mechanical methods to reduce pest populations to acceptable levels.
  • EVALUATION: Tabulation of the effects and efficacy of management decisions.


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