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shutterstock-raccoon-on-roofConsidered one of the most intelligent species amongst the delinquents of British Columbia’s wildlife, the raccoon (also spelt racoon) is deemed to have a higher intellect than the domestic cat. With no natural predators they live a blissfully, carefree life and have readily adapted to living with humans, whether we like it or not. Consequently, this makes them one of the most commonly dealt with from our collection of offenders.

Wonderfully brazen, devious, mischievous, nonchalant and audacious, raccoons are famous for their bandit-like qualities of stealing pet food or BBQ dinners, invariably in the presence of their victims (whether dog, cat or human).

For a raccoon, urban sprawl is a positive thing as it has given way to an increase in food sources, with plenty of garbage cans and dumpsters to choose from. Raccoons are reckless scavengers, and after raiding and feasting on our trash, they leave a wake of garbage cans and trash strewn all over the place.

If garbage cans and dumpsters are a raccoon’s restaurants, then our houses make for an ideal habitat – with attics or chimneys providing the most comfortable of raccoon boudoirs. As an accomplished acrobat, a raccoon will easily scale fences, walls, roofs, etc. A raccoon’s dexterous, slender, human-like hands and img_0099razor-sharp, non-retractable claws enable it to tear holes in a roof to access an attic. But their gatecrashing-tendencies do not just stop there: they will continue to tear insulation paper, rip open ducts, strip insulation off pipes, chew drywall, etc., causing thousands of dollars in damages and oodles of noise!

Your attic or chimney will serve as both a raccoon’s bedroom and toilet. Our gluttonous friends generate large quantities of droppings. This does not bode well for the growing concern of roundworm, as well as leptospirosis. Although unlikely and only very few documented cases, raccoons can also be carriers of the rabies virus. The bigger threat however is pet / raccoon conflict, due to the fact that raccoons can be quite vicious, if provoked. Whether an A-student of the animal kingdom or not, Atlas experts will easily outsmart any raccoon and will help drastically reduce the chances of your uninvited visitors returning!

Did You Know? Bandit, a domesticated raccoon from Palmerton, made the Guinness Book of Records as “The World’s Fattest Raccoon”, at a whopping 75 lbs (we did say are black-masked friends love to gorge)!

Below is a video of baby raccoon’s from a recent visit to a customers home.

Juveniles being removed from attic to be reunited with their mother:

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