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Abbotsford Pest Control Service

We do pest controls and racoon removal in AbbotsfordColonial development began in Abbotsford when in response to the gold rush – the Royal Engineers surveyed the area. It was 1858 along the Fraser River. Old Yale Road was built, the first means of transportation to the Fraser Valley. The production of milk, butter, and tobacco began the first settlements. Royal Engineer John Cunningham Maclure applied for a Crown grant to obtain the 160 acres that would become Abbotsford in 1889.

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The Village of Abbotsford and the District of Sumas joined to become the District of Abbotsford in 1972. The District of Abbotsford then joined with the District of Matsqui in 1995 to become the City of Abbotsford.

Atlas experts offer a diverse selection of Wildlife and Insect Pest Control solutions in the city of Abbotsford; whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Did You Know? Tucked away between British Columbia’s majestic mountain ranges, Abbotsford is one of the most productive agricultural areas in Canada. Its rich combination of soil and ideal climate definitely helped Abbotsford reach its claim to the “Raspberry Capital of Canada“. 

Pest Control Services in Abbotsford:

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