Bat set free after being released from a home:

 Bat Eviction in Vancouver

flying-dog-1027969_1280-686x1030-200x300Translations into English from a variety of languages suggest that bats are “blind mice”, “flying mice”, “winged mice”. While bats were once thought to belong in the same family as mice, they are in fact not even remotely related to rodents. Scientists have discovered that bats are unique. The old fallacy that bats are cognate to mice is because of a bat’s rodent-like appearance. Furry and innocuous bodies are similar to a mouse, but instead have humongous ears, vampire teeth and pterodactyl-type wings. Essentially they resemble a mad scientist’s experiment gone wrong.

Despite past erroneous theories linking bats to the rodent family, there are some behavioral traits that bats possess which are similar. They are very versatile and can easily adapt to their surroundings. Like rodents, bats tend to be opportunistic and are not particularly fussy when it comes to establishing living areas, providing there is some degree of warmth and shelter available, whether this is in residential, industrial or commercial buildings. Although a symbol of hope and happiness in certain Asian cultures, bats may not bring much joy in reality as they can spread Histoplasmosis, and though not overly common, can be rabid.bat-324843_1280

Whether a bat colony is in an attic or wall void, recognized by a rather revolting pungent odor, their droppings will create quite the mess, and an accumulation of droppings over time may even result in the ceiling collapsing. Due to its potency and it corrosive properties, bat urine can cause disintegration of flooring (including metal), insulation and wood. If left unattended, bat excrement may even seep through from the attic or wall void, thus discolor and stain ceiling or walls. Invariably bats do not cause extensive damage to structures, however they will chew building material and enlarge access holes. Other reported bat issues include fleas being passed on to pets; an occasional loose bat will wreak havoc inside a home; and bat colonies are noisy at dawn and dusk, as swarms leave and re-enter buildings.

What some people deem cute, and others consider creepy, these “guardians of the underworld” do not make great house guests. One or two bats may not pose too much of an issue but if left to escalate, a typical bat maternity colony will drive you batty! Bats are protected species so Atlas experts possess the know-how to humanely and safely remove them, as well as help prevent a re-occurrence.

Did You Know? Bats really do enjoy hanging around; if a bat dies whilst roosting it will remain there until someone or something shakes it loose! Gross.