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How Much Does Commercial Pest Control Cost in Vancouver?

While it’s understandable if your first action is to worry about what this means for you and your tenants’ living conditions, you can rest assured that the cost of extermination pests is probably less than you think. For one thing, by choosing to exterminate you are taking matters into your own hands which can help prevent a costly infestation in the future.

What is the Average Commercial Pest Control Cost?

The cost of pest extermination can vary wildly, so it is more accurate if you think of the average costs as a range rather than a set rate. A safe range to consider for pest control is between $200 to $400 per visit. The number of visits that you would require, of course, would depend on the extent of your infestation.


7 Factors that Affect Pest Control Cost

Of course, there are many different factors that affect how much you can expect to pay for pest control. Here are a few of the most common ones:


1. The Type of Pest

Anyone who has had experience with bugs and pests knows that not all infestations are created equally. It makes sense, then, that the more effort that an infestation entails, the more it will cost you. In general, pests like fleas, ticks, and weevils will be the least expensive, while termites, mice, rats, and bees will be the most expensive.


2. Severity of Infestation

Not all bug and pest infestations are created equally. Unfortunately, some are much worse than others. If you have a complicated intense infestation, it will likely take more treatments than a standard infestation. In the same vein, those who are seeking treatment for smaller infestations may notice that they do not end up paying as much as they had initially thought they would.


3. Treatment Type

In some cases, your exterminator may opt to use insecticide. However, in some cases such as the treatment of bed bugs, other measures such as heat treatments may have to be applied. The cost of your treatment will depend on the very nature of the treatment itself.


4. The Size of the Area Being Treated

Again, this is an obvious one. The more square footage of yours that requires pest control, the more you will see prices increase. This means that while it may not be expensive to treat a home that has an infestation in a particular area, it can quickly get very expensive to have an entire apartment building treated (especially if the pest is one that travels fast, like cockroaches or bed bugs).


5. Add On Services  

Oftentimes, the extermination services that you pay for will come with exactly that: extermination. If you would like to opt for other services, such as traps or bait, then you will see this come with an additional cost.


6. Travel Time

If you live far away from all pest control services, you may be required to compensate your exterminators for their travel times. Some services may also charge a premium if you are outside of the general area.


7. Frequency of Treatments

In a perfect world, bug and pest problems would subside in only one treatment. However, in our complicated world, this is usually not the story. In some cases, multiple treatments and different types of treatments may be required, which will increase the overall price of treatments.


Professional Pest Control in Vancouver

If you need help with a bug or pest problem — whether it be cockroaches, bed bugs, silverfish, mice, or more — our professional pest control company is here to help. Our highly-trained team of professionals has the know-how to take on any infestation, so we can help you live a healthy life to its full potential. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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