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How to Avoid Unwanted House Attic Pest Infestations

To small creatures like mice, squirrels and rats, an attic can seem like the perfect place to call home. Unfortunately, the attic they decide to make their home might happen to be your attic! Once a pest has got into your attic, you should make sure to call your local pest control expert to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. If they are allowed to remain in the attic for an extended period, they may decide to venture down into the house where its warmer and where there is plenty of food to eat. To avoid this issue altogether, be sure to follow these helpful tips on how to avoid a pest infestation in your attic.

Listen for Noises

One initial sign that you have a pest in your attic will be some tell-tale noises you’ll hear coming from above. Small scratching, scampering or even little thumps will occur if there is a small rodent like a rat or squirrel living up there. Depending on the time of day you hear these noises, you’ll be able to get an idea of what type of pest has invaded your attic. A squirrel is the most common attic invader, and it will often make noise when it is awake during daylight hours. Raccoons on the other hand are nocturnal animals, so you will likely hear sounds at night if a raccoon manages to gain entry to your attic.

Seal Any Gaps

Although squirrels and other larger rodents are commonly found in attics, even the smallest crack can give little pests a way to get inside. Rats, bats and mice in particular are experts at getting in through even the tiniest cracks. Some bats can squeeze through openings as small as 3/8”! To prevent anything from finding its way into your attic, it is vital that you ensure any small openings are filled completely. You should also make sure that any roof vents installed are equipped with wire screens that let air flow freely, while keeping pests out of the house.

Avoid Ineffective Control Methods

Some methods of pest prevention will work with some animals, but many are downright ineffective. When it comes to rats, squirrels and larger rodents like possums and raccoons, high pitched noise emitters will do practically nothing to deter them from getting inside, so don’t bother with those. Scents like ammonia and mothballs are also mostly useless when it comes to keeping critters out of your attic. The best thing you can do is make sure there are no small openings or access points from the outside, and periodically check your attic for evidence of an animal presence such as droppings or chewed electrical wires.

If you would like to ensure your attic is completely pest-proof then give the pest control Vancouver experts at Atlas Pest Control a call today. We will be happy to provide you with a full assessment of your attic and give you comprehensive steps to follow to keep your attic pest free.

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