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How to Get Rid of Rats In Your Home in Vancouver?

Rats are not the average pet for most people, so when you see one in your home you feel queasy. Where there are rats, there are most likely mice, as they are attracted to the same food and habitats. Rats can be a problem in the home, they are not only dirty and discussing but also carry diseases and possibly even fleas. The greater the rat population is around your house, the greater the chances are that your home could get infected. Unfortunately, it is likely that you will not notice them until there is a large infestation and it becomes much more difficult to get rid of the rodents. Fortunately for you, there are many ways to effectively kill the rats and maintaining a rat-free home. Two of the best methods to kill rodents are both open and closed rat traps.


What Attracts Rats In the First Place?




Rats of course love food! They are tiny food garburators, they will eat anything they can get their small paws on. Rats eat decaying food, dead animals and fish, leftover pasta (especially spaghetti), fruits and vegetables, pet food, spilled milk, nuts, peanut butter, bread and any sweets.




In Vancouver, we have extremely cold winters and we love to be cozy in our homes, wrapped in a blanket while watching TV, rats want that too. They are mammals who need warmth and shelter just like any other mammal. In the wintertime, they are drawn to the warmth that is escaping from your home through holes and sneaks their way inside.


In the hot Vancouver summers, they want the same thing as we do, air conditioning. When it gets very hot they want someplace cool to stay. Again, they are attracted to the cold and make their way into the home through any holes that enter your home.




Rats love clutter! It provides them with someplace to hide and something to chew on. Piles of wood, plants that cover the ground for example Vines and Ivy, tall grass, monkey grass, low shrubs, and tiles of leaves are the perfect hiding place for rats. They love it. Inside the house they are drawn into a messy room, mountains of junk in the basement or attic, laundry room, under your major appliances, over-packed closet, cabinets and even pantries.


How To Get Rid Of The Rats?


Natural Toxins

There are natural remedies you can try such as using Eucalyptus or Peppermint essential oils. Eucalyptus oil is nice sent of us but for the rats, let’s just say they hate it. It is an overpowering smell to them and they don’t like the taste of it either. It has been partially effective. Peppermint oil is another essential oil that is somewhat effective. There is no direct evidence backing up this method. However, this oil can cause allergic reactions to the skin, eye irritation and respiratory problems in people. Since rats and mice are tested in labs for products made for humans, that process can be turned around and used to know how rats will react to the oils. Mix 10-20 drops of the oil into 2 cups of water and put in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the areas that you have seen evidence of rats. You will have to re-spray every 2-3 days. Please be aware of the fact that essential oils can be very dangerous and harmful to family pets such as dogs or cats.


Rat Traps

Traps can be an easy and affordable way to get rid of rats. All traps need to be inspected on a regular basis, as a dead or dying rat can attract secondary insects and cause a new infestation. Traps should be placed in a secluded spot where it is not easily spotted. You want to find the spot where the rodents feel safe eating. You do not want to place a trap where there is a large infestation since the rodents are very competitive for their food making them more fearless, as a result, open-air placements are more reasonable. If you are having trouble finding the best spot with the perfect coverage, you can do a simple DIY project! The only thing you have to do is lean a piece of plywood against the fence creating a hidden area that will significantly strengthen your kill numbers. There are many kinds of rat traps available:

  • Snap Traps
  • A24 Traps
  • Live Trap
  • Glueboards

Consistently checking on the traps or re-spraying the oil mixtures will help you keep the rats away for good. Having traps all year long even if you have no rats will also help to maintain an infested free home.


Please contact us if you need rats removal service in the Greater Vancouver area.

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