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Prevent Summer Pests in Vancouver

Would you like to know to how to prevent the top 5 worst summer pests in Vancouver? While summer is a great time to bask in the sun and have BBQ’s by the beach, it’s also prime pest season. Some of the most tedious pests love to invade homes during the summer so it’s important to incorporate pest control practices in your home early-on. However, if you’re already having summer pest control issues, the experts at Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control can help.

Here are the 5 worst summertime pests in Vancouver and what you can do to prevent having them in your home:

1.   Mosquitoes

Summer is great for a lot of reasons, but mosquitoes are not one of them. One of the dreads of summer is the wrath of these itchy pests. They buzz, they bite, and they carry diseases that you probably want to keep out of your house this season. Like most living creatures, mosquitoes are simply looking for environments to feed and continue their life cycle. That doesn’t need to occur in your home though.


In Vancouver, mosquitoes tend to start creeping out around June, but tend to peak in July and August. The key to summer pest control for mosquitoes is to avoid standing pools of water in your home. Mosquito eggs develop in stagnant pools of water, therefore, by eliminating this breeding area, you can minimize the risk of mosquitos infesting and reproducing in your home.

2.   Ants

Ants are like tiny, reproducing magicians. You see one then suddenly, trails of ants are covering your floors and walls, stealing crumbs and scraps to feed their queen. Ants are typically harmless; however, some do have nasty bites. For the most part, they’re just annoying, unsightly little creatures who love explore your home.


The key to eradicating the risk of ant colonies is early intervention. Make sure there’s no excess food laying around, especially in basements and lower floors. Keeping your food properly sealed and stored can help to keep ants at bay, as they’re always on the hunt for scraps. Regularly taking out the trash and compost is another good habit to incorporate into your summer routine. If you spot an ant in your home, try to track its path to locate the nest and take appropriate action. You can block off points of entry , however, if there are already trails of ants in your home, the team at Atlas Pest can take proper action. Ants colonize and reproduce at very rapid rates, so it’s important to handle the issue promptly and efficiently.

3.   House Flies

House flies are a particularly frustrating pest to have in your house as they love to buzz and are notoriously tricky to catch. They also transmit diseases, and some types of flies have nasty bites. If you don’t deal with flies quickly and efficiently, they reproduce at alarming rates, quickly creating a pest infestation in your home.


Keeping a clean home is the key to preventing house flies. They’re attracted to food and sweet beverages, so ensuring that there’s no food residue left on the countertops or leftovers lying around is a great first step. You should also discard your trash and compost as regularly as you can, to avoid the smell attracting them. Eliminating the main draws for flies can prevent infestations, however, it’s nearly impossible to keep a fly here and there out of your home. If you think you may have a house fly issue, consult the experts at Atlas Pests. Their professional equipment and years of experience can help keep your home as pest free as possible.

4.   Ticks

Ticks are incredibly detrimental to human health. Lyme disease is transmitted through tick bites so if you think you’ve been bitten, consult a doctor right away for preventive measures. Ticks are often found in nature, such as hiking trails with long grass or damp meadows. However, ticks also attach to skin and can be carried into the house by dogs and cats.


Avoid going in areas with long grass and weeds, especially if you’re towing a pet along. After outdoor trips, conduct a quick inspection of your pets’ fur by combing through and looking for ones attached to the skin. If any are discovered, remove the tick from the skin using tweezers and a magnify glass to ensure the head and body are completely detached. There are also shampoo treatments you can use on your pets’ skin as an extra safety measure.

5.   Wasps & Bees

Wasps and bees are vital to the ecosystem, however, they’re not the type of visitors you want buzzing around your home all summer. Wasps and bees are very territorial and will sting or bite if threatened. While they’re generally harmless creatures, some people are deathly allergic to their stings/ bites.


Since these types of pests are so integral to the environment, they should only be interfered with if posing serious risks to the health of you and your household. As they breed in nests, the key to removing them from your home is by eliminating the nest on your property. As this is highly dangerous, nest removal should only be handled by professionals. Atlas Pest Control have the equipment and technique to keep your household safe when removing nests. They’ll handle the hive safely to avoid unleashing a life-threatening swarm and properly dispose of the nest and insects.

Who to Call?

If you’re having pest control issues in Vancouver, the team at Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control in Vancouver can handle the job. They specialize in the proper identification, removal, and prevention of pests in commercial and residential properties. Reach out to Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control today to learn more.



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