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Chilliwack Pest Control Service

Chilliwack is the 7th largest city in British Columbia, Canada. In 1857, gold was discovered in the Fraser Canyon. By 1859 some 40,000 gold miners had travelled to the goldfields, most going through the Chilliwack area. Several farms were soon located on the Fraser River called Miller’s Landing, Minto Landing, Sumas Landing and Chilliwack Landing.

The Township of Chilliwack was incorporated in 1873, The third municipality in British Columbia. The main mode of transportation were steamboats. Passengers and goods were carried between Chilliwack and New Westminster. The Canadian Pacific Railway was constructed in 1885 when many residents began to cross the Fraser River at Minto Landing to catch the train at Harrison Mills. we do ant control for your Chilliwack home backyard

A large subdivision called Centreville was built in 1881. The name “Centreville” was replaced In 1887 by the more popular “Chilliwhack.” The area was incorporated in 1908 as a separate municipality, the City of Chilliwack. In 1984, 72 years later, they joined to form the District of Chilliwack. The District of Chilliwack became the City of Chilliwack in 1999. Atlas experts offer a diverse selection of Wildlife and Insect Pest Control solutions in the city of Chilliwack; whether residential, commercial or industrial.

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Did You Know? 

The word Chilliwack is the name of a geographic description of the area, as well as a local Indian tribe. Originally spelled Chilliwhack, this “Halkomelem” word means “quieter water at the head” or travel by way of a backwater.