Over 100,000 species of flies live on earth.


Feeding for a fly is not the same for you or I. Flies don’t have teeth to chew their food. Instead, they have a long tongue called a proboscis, which sucks up food like a straw. Some flies drink nectar or blood; Others like the House fly, enjoys the food we eat. When a fly lands on your lunch, it vomits on the food. Acids in the vomit dissolve the food so the fly can suck it up. Disgusting!

Flies like to eat animal feces and garbage. Some of the germs from these materials can stay on their feet and mouth parts. When a fly lands on your food, those germs get on your food. Flies carry disease. During the Spanish-American War, 5,000 soldiers died from typhoid, a disease spread by flies. Only 4,000 soldier casualties resulted from fighting in the war.

Flies lay their eggs on fruit, food, other animals, and even rotting flesh. Their larvae are known as maggots which resemble  writhing grains of rice.

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