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You don’t know until you ask, and we have a few questions:

When was the last time you were in your attic or crawlspace? Are you aware if your home has had rodents harboring inside in the past? Have you started to notice a smell in your home and not sure what it is?


Physical Damage


Rodent teeth never stop growing; the solution? Gnaw on anything and everything within reach. If their home is your home, chances are damage is being done to your property.

Wire insulation: Wires from an attic, crawlspace, furnace room, or vehicle, makes excellent nesting materials for rodents. Chewing on electrical components can cause structural fires.

Pipe: According to Mohs scale of mineral hardness, a rat’s teeth are harder than iron or steel, and are easily able to gnaw through substances like cinder-block and wood. Pipes being chewed can lead to water damage.

Health Hazards


Droppings: Rats excrete 20-50 droppings per day, while a single mouse can account for 40-100.

Urine: Rodents use urine to mark their territory, mating partners, dominance, and even their food.

Disease: Rodents can harbor many viruses and bacteria including: Plague, Hantavirus, Hemorrhagic-Fever, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Lymphocytic Chorio-Meningitis, and Tularemia.


  • Breathing in dust that is contaminated with rodent urine or droppings
  • Direct contact with rodents or their urine and droppings
  • Eating or drinking food or water that is contaminated by rat feces
  • Bite wounds, although this does not happen frequently
  • The disease may spread through direct contact from person to person, but it is extremely rare



As you can see the unsanitary mess along with the damage that can be caused can be a large concern. You need to have your attic inspected! Or you will never know how severe the problem is. Call Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control today for a totally free inspection and estimate for the cleanup of your attic or crawlspace. Attic, crawlspace, garage, shed, ceiling or wall void – we can clean it! We provide before and after pictures (if you want to see them) and free written estimates for every clean-up.

Did you know? As much as 50% of the air you and your family breathe inside your home comes directly from the crawlspace.

The air that’s in your crawl space is cycled through the rest of your home, courtesy of the (a.k.a. chimney effect). This stack effect is the movement of air in your home. As you know, warm air rises. This is because it’s less dense than cold air. As the warm air rises it brings with it particles of dust, mold, rodent fecal matter and any other nastiness that’s hanging out in your crawl space. As warm air exits your home through chimneys or cracks in your attic, it creates suction. This pulls up the cool air and the cycle continues.


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