Pest Entry Point Exclusion

The most important part of solving a Rat, Squirrel, or Raccoon problem is not the trapping and the initial issue. Why? Because you can have a problem solved and then the following year the issue can and most likely will return. Here at Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control, we put a lot of focus on making sure your problems do not return. Our highly trained technicians are specialists in finding the points of entry and all the small chewed holes around the outside of your structure. This is very important because pest control can cost you a lot: Stress, Sleep, Time, Health, and Money. We do not want you to be paying for the same services each and every year when the problem returns. 
Eliminating pest access to the inside of the building is one of the most basic and important IPM practices for control pests in schools, daycares, offices, and homes. By denying pests access to buildings, the need for chemical and other control measures can be greatly reduced.

Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control is able to exclude Wildlife and Rodents from any structure. We will:

  • Inspect and identify areas of rodent infestation
  • Identify conditions around the home or business that are conducive to rodent activity and make recommendations for improvement
  • Seal off entry and exit points

Be aware of basic entry routes such as:

Open doors. Sometimes people prop doors open, allowing easy access for pests. Always keep doors closed when not in use, especially kitchen doors or other entry points near dumpsters.

Open windows. All windows should have screens if they are used for ventilation.

Mice require as little as 1/4-Inch to access your home. A rat can comfortably access a structure through a 3/4-Inch gap.





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