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  Pitt Meadows Pest Control Services

pitt_lake_bog_and_dikeAlthough the origins of Pitt Meadow’s name remain fairly ambiguous, it is thought that the city is named after Pitt River and Pitt Lake, which were possibly named after William Pitt, a former British PM.Incorporated as a municipality in 1914, thanks to a rich and fertile landscape Pitt Meadows began its life as a tight-knit agricultural community. Today, the city is still true to its roots as its agribusiness is a key contributor towards the local economy.Present day sees Pitt Meadows with a modest, but progressive community just shy of 18,500. Much like its neighbor, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows has a great deal to offer due to its stunning natural setting, perfect for many outdoor hobbies, ranging from premium golf courses to hiking trails to all manner of water-sport pursuits.

Is it any wonder then that for a city which has breathtaking scenery – mountains to one side and a river to the other with wetlands, floodplains, farmland and forested areas in between – Pitt Meadows’ population is expected to reach 21,000 by 2021. However, because well over 80% of Pitt Meadows is within a green zone, most of its residents are concentrated in the town center. Sizable areas have been designated as environmentally sensitive in order to conserve wildlife – whilst this may not be on people’s doorstep, it is still in neighboring parts of Pitt Meadows, meaning humans and nature will inevitably clash. Fortunately, Atlas experts possess the required expertise to resolve all types of pest and wildlife control.

 Did You Know?Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge have always been closely linked, so much so that the original Municipality of Maple Ridge included Pitt Meadows.  Although, so it seems, this was at the dismay of its residents who petitioned that Pitt Meadows was removed from the District of Maple Ridge in the late 1800s.pittmeandows-map

Rodent Control

It is not just the physical damage rats can do to property, but the threat they pose to our health: their urine and feces are toxic, and they will happily contaminate any food source, whilst eating and relieving themselves simultaneously. It goes without saying that rats can spread various types of harmful diseases. Do not be fooled by their size – breathing air that has come in contact with mouse excrement has been linked to severe, sometimes life-threatening respiratory problems, such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Mice can also pass on salmonellosis by contaminating food with its faeces. Although they are definitely cuter than rats, mice are still considered a pest by the Canadian Environmental Health Authority. Atlas experts have the necessary solutions to remove any undesirable guests from your Pitt Meadows Property.

Bird Control

Despite a pigeon’s history, it is unfortunate that today pigeons (particularly the widespread feral pigeon) are deemed vermin. However, given the aforementioned, their filthy reputation is much deserved. Therefore, Atlas experts have the necessary solutions to remove any unwanted feathered squatters and prevent them from roosting. Starlings typically return to the same nest cavity to raise young each year and continue to add to any existing nesting material. This clearly presents a problem that will not be resolved unless treated. Atlas experts have the required deterrents to discourage starlings from nesting on residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Winged animals (birds) are stunning animals, however not when they foul up your property and in some cases as much as we cherish these little critters, they can bring about a great many dollars’ worth of harm to our property and to our homes. We at Atlas Pest Control have joined forces with Bird B Gone to offer the highest level of bird control in Pitt Meadows.alouette_river_585148419-300x225

Raccoon Control

Sound like something big is in your attic space or ceiling? Seeing pieces of your roof missing? Well you more often than not have a raccoon issue! Raccoons like to take up residence in your attic or crawlspace. They cause and enormous amount of damage and you will want to get them removed right away! Once a Raccoon is in your attic space your attic essentially turns into a giant animal cage that hosts animals that are not trained where to defecate and nobody cleans there cage out. You can only imagine how unsanitary it can get just on the other side of your drywall in your own home and not even know it! That is why you should have your raccoon problem dealt with as soon as possible! Call Atlas Pest Control for all of  your Pitt Meadows Raccoon control needs!

Squirrel Control

Often people confuse squirrels and rats when they hear noises in there attic space. The big difference is what time of day you hear the noises. Rats you will only hear in the middle of the night when most people go to sleep. Squirrel noises will be heard in the morning and evening on the same schedule as us! Aside from the scurrying about, the noise squirrels make should be the least of your concerns. A squirrel has an exceptionally large appetite, consuming almost its body weight in food per week, thereby resulting in countless droppings. This, along with urine-sodden nesting material brought in from the outside presents the same excrement health risks (such as leptospirosis or salmonella) associated with less adorable rats and mice. To avoid squirrels driving you nuts, Atlas will come out and do a full home inspection to solve your Pitt Meadows squirrel problem and make sure it never returns. We are so confident in our workmanship we will even give a 5-year warranty to ensure you are squirrel free!

Bedbug Treatments

Bed bugs are typically found in beds and small cracks and crevices. When Bed bugs feed, they inject the skin with their saliva (this keeps the blood from clotting) and an anesthetic (this keeps the host from feeling the bite and moving). Bed bugs can feed on the blood of any warm-blooded animal. Their most common targets arepitt_meadows_blueberry_farms humans because, unlike animals with fur, we have a lot of exposed skin for them to bite. The creatures don’t have wings and they can’t fly or jump. But their narrow body shape and ability to live for months without food make them ready stowaways and squatters. Bed Bugs can easily hide in the seams and folds of luggage, bags and clothes. Bed Bugs will crawl about 100 feet in a night, but typically creep around to within 8 feet of the spot its host sleeps. Bed bugs are hard to see, so if you think you have bed bugs in your Pitt Meadows apartment, call a pest management professional. Anyone can get Bed Bugs. Do not lose another night’s sleep. Call Atlas today.

Ant Treatments

Ants produce some of the most potent antibiotics and antimicrobials known to man. Current research is going on isolating and reproducing them. The bodies of most ants are virtually germ free. They have impeccable grooming habits, and take great pride in keeping themselves clean! Their saliva has antibacterial properties. This allows them to live in highly concentrated colonies without spreading disease to each other. If ants are marching in to your Pitt Meadows home or business, contact the professionals at Atlas to assess your situation and create a customized treatment plan today.

Wasp Removal

Unless you find yourself in the polar regions, the familiar presence of brightly wrapped buzzing wasps will be close by. Understandably avoided by people: Wasps, Bees, and Hornets, are knowingly aggressive in defense of their nests. A Wasp sting may trigger an anaphylactic reaction in people with allergies. These stings may potentially lead to a deadly result. Even the fossil Honey Bees have stings that prompt others to attack by releasing a pheromone. There are over 30,000 identified species coming in all ranges of the color spectrum. From metallic blue, bright red, and familiar yellow to brown. Wasps are distinguishable from bees by their pointed lower abdomens and the narrow “waist,” called a petiole that separates the abdomen from the thorax. If there is a wasp nest on your Pitt Meadows property and wasps begin to pose a threat to your family, Call Atlas today.

Pest Cleanups

Have you had rodents in your attic or crawlspace? Notice a smell in your home and not sure what it is? Your attic space could very well resemble an out of control Hamster cage that never gets cleaned up! On top of this you will never know what damage has been caused until you have a full inspection completed. Call Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control for a free inspection of your Pitt Meadows attic or crawlspace today!

Entry Point Inspections

The most important part of solving a Rat, squirrel, or Raccoon problem is not the trapping and the initial issue. Why? Because you can have a problem solved and then the following year the issue can and most likely will return as pests leave a scent behind. Here at Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control, we put a lot of focus on making sure your problems do not return. Our highly trained technicians are specialists in finding the points of entry and all the small chewed holes around the outside of your Pitt Meadows business or residence. This is very important because pest control can cost you a lot of money to solve a problem, you do not want to be paying for the services every year when the problem returns.

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