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Home to two of Canada’s famous Michael’s (Bublé and J Fox), the city of Burnaby is named after Robert Burnaby who explored the region in 1859. Actually larger than the province’s capital, Burnaby is the third-largest city in British Columbia, which probably, therefore, affords it the capacity to accommodate one of North America’s highest ratio of parkland to residents. Atlas experts offer a diverse selection of Wildlife and Burnaby Pest Control solutions; whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

With 25% of Burnaby’s land designated as open space and parks, there is a decent amount of wildlife for humans to come into contact with, and more often than not, this tends to be in the comfort of their own home, especially as the city continues to expand into the countryside. As a result of greater scarcity of undeveloped land plus the rising demand to live and work in Burnaby, a number of major developments are underway, which have given rise to a greater disturbance of wildlife and pests.

Did You Know? Although Burnaby officially became a city over twenty years ago, it took a whole century to graduate from incorporated to reaching its city status in 1992.

Atlas helps you clean up pests in Burnaby

Burnaby Pest Control Service

While pest control seems to be a straightforward concept, each pest issue requires an individualized and comprehensive plan to eradicate the problem. As pests can quickly escalate into an issue of infestation, efficient and immediate action is vital. Many pests carry the risk of spreading disease, causing allergic reactions, giving poisonous bites, and opens up exposure to droppings and waste. They are also a huge risk when it comes to the structural integrity of homes and commercial buildings. Many structures in Burnaby are built with wood fibers; if the wood has not been properly treated, it can be greatly affected by the presence of pests. Mice and other rodents love to chew through electrical wires; this can lead to electrical shortages and increase the risk of fires in the building.

Atlas experts offer a diverse selection of Wildlife and Burnaby Pest Control solutions, in both residential homes and commercial buildings.

Residential Pest Control Services in Burnaby

Many pests and rodents like to inhabit similar environments to humans. As people keep a lot of food and beverages in their homes, it won’t only be the hungry neighbors making an unsolicited visit. Unfortunately, a pest here or there can quickly escalate into an issue of infestation. Thorough and efficient pest control is crucial to treat and prevent these issues before they spin out of control. Households with pests are at risk of bites, allergic reactions, diseases, inhalation of harmful toxins from droppings, and pollution of the indoor air of Burnaby residences. To treat all residential pest and wildlife needs, Atlas offers top-of-the-line service and strategies for pest control in the home. In completing a thorough inspection, Atlas technicians determine the source of the issue. This includes the type of pest(s) and the area(s) of entry. This information is vital in drawing up a concise and customized treatment plan for pest control. Atlas offers residential pest cleanup, entry point exclusion, continuous monitoring for potential pest infestations, and property maintenance. This includes the extraction and treatment of ants, bed bugs, birds, squirrels, raccoons, wasps, rats, and many more.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Burnaby

As the third-largest city in British Columbia, Burnaby is ever-expanding. This means an increase in commercial and industrial building sites, outlining a larger ground for pests and wildlife to burrow. This is hazardous to the health and wellbeing of employees and customers, as they can inhale harmful toxins from droppings, inherited diseases, and much more. Furthermore, commercial buildings are home to many electrical wires and piping. Since rodent teeth never stop growing, the solution is to gnaw on anything and everything within their reach. This puts the buildings in Burnaby at an increased risk for electrical fires and pipe leaks. Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control offers commercial and industrial pest control services to those in the Burnaby area.

Big or small, running a business is a stressful and busy feat. Atlas wants to take some of that stress by ensuring all commercial buildings in Burnaby are pest and rodent-free. With a thorough treatment plan that utilizes same-day electronic reporting, area inspection and monitoring, ongoing maintenance programs, and pest entry point exclusion, Atlas will fix any commercial pest problem.

Need Help With Pest Control in Burnaby?

There’s a reason Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control is the industry leader in Burnaby. Starting with a thorough on-site inspection, their highly skilled technicians will evaluate the area and determine the next steps. This is needed to evaluate the extent of the issue and to find the root of the problem to treat and prevent all pests. As Atlas takes pride in its individualized approach, they will outline the specific requirements needed. The Burnaby pest control technicians will outline a list of comprehensive recommendations and a customized plan to meet the needs of each and every client. With their team of professionals and high level of expertise, Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control can assist Burnaby on becoming pest-free!

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     ”I had Rats in my attic space and called Atlas, They came out and solved the problem. One month later the issue came back. I called Atlas and they sent somebody back hassle free and for no additional charge! As a homeowner, it is a great feeling when a company stands behind there warranty in full”

    - Marc & Lee G. - Langley BC

     ”Raymond from ATLAS was the 3rd company I called to solve my squirrel problem and the only one that ended up finding the hole in which the squirrel was entering, he ended up being the lowest price and I was squirrel free the next day! I would definitely call Atlas for any future pest control problems I may have

    - Gary W. - Vancouver BC

     ”Had a bird issue……called Atlas….. no bird issue anymore. They even gave me a 5-year warranty to ensure me I wouldn’t have one again”

    - Mathew S. - Burnaby BC
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