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Langley is technically separated into two different municipalities: the City of Langley centred on the downtown core, and the surrounding Township of Langley, which is comprised of various communities and neighbourhoods. Langley’s residential and commercial development continues to expand. A combination of an increasing urban core (potentially causing a disturbance for our furry and feathered friends), expanding suburbia and commitment to ensuring the landscape remains in keeping with Mother Nature, Langley poses a variety of wildlife and pest problems, all of which Atlas experts can easily solve.

Did You Know? Hailed the “Birthplace of British Columbia” Langley is steeped in history. Dating back to the mid-19th century, what is now referred to as Fort Langley (which today is one of the township’s communities) was a trading post for Hudson’s Bay Company.

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Langley Rodent Abatement Declaration Form

Do you require that a rodent abatement declaration form be completed at your Langley site due to impending demolition?

Recent changes in the municipal code require that rodent abatement by a certified pest control provider be conducted to satisfy requirements for the demolition in Langley. We are experienced in conducting inspections, providing treatments and composing the reports required to satisfy all requirements in the city of Langley concerning rodent abatement to release demolition permits.

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Customer Testimonials

     ”I had Rats in my attic space and called Atlas, They came out and solved the problem. One month later the issue came back. I called Atlas and they sent somebody back hassle free and for no additional charge! As a homeowner, it is a great feeling when a company stands behind there warranty in full” - Marc & Lee G. - Langley BC

     ”Raymond from ATLAS was the 3rd company I called to solve my squirrel problem and the only one that ended up finding the hole in which the squirrel was entering, he ended up being the lowest price and I was squirrel free the next day! I would definitely call Atlas for any future pest control problems I may have - Gary W. - Vancouver BC

     ”Had a bird issue……called Atlas….. no bird issue anymore. They even gave me a 5-year warranty to ensure me I wouldn’t have one again” - Mathew S. - Burnaby BC
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