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With a name like Maple Ridge, you cannot get any more deliciously Canadian. Not just Canadian by name but also Canadian by nature thanks to the region’s alluring Great Outdoors. With the motto “Rivers a bounty, peaks of gold”, it is no wonder that there has been a spike in population as people look to this scenic district as an alternative to Vancouver.

In what was once predominantly a rural and rustic landscape (and largely still is), a rise in residential areas has led to the encroachment of the human population onto nature’s playground. Home to many species of British Columbia’s wildlife, there are growing incidents of clashes with humans in Maple Ridge than ever before. Nonetheless, Atlas experts possess the essential knowledge and ability to solve a variety of wildlife and pest issues.

Did You Know? Maple Ridge only became a city in September 2014 (it was formerly referred to as a district municipality)!

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There’s a reason Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control is the industry leader in Maple Ridge. Starting with a thorough on-site inspection, their highly skilled technicians will evaluate the area and determine the next steps. This is needed to evaluate the extent of the issue and to find the root of the problem to treat and prevent all pests. As Atlas takes pride in its individualized approach, they will outline the specific requirements needed. The Maple Ridge pest control technicians will outline a list of comprehensive recommendations and a customized plan to meet the needs of each and every client. With their team of professionals and high level of expertise, Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control can assist Maple Ridge on becoming pest-free!

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Customer Testimonials

     ”I had Rats in my attic space and called Atlas, They came out and solved the problem. One month later the issue came back. I called Atlas and they sent somebody back hassle free and for no additional charge! As a homeowner, it is a great feeling when a company stands behind there warranty in full”

    - Marc & Lee G. - Langley BC

     ”Raymond from ATLAS was the 3rd company I called to solve my squirrel problem and the only one that ended up finding the hole in which the squirrel was entering, he ended up being the lowest price and I was squirrel free the next day! I would definitely call Atlas for any future pest control problems I may have

    - Gary W. - Vancouver BC

     ”Had a bird issue……called Atlas….. no bird issue anymore. They even gave me a 5-year warranty to ensure me I wouldn’t have one again”

    - Mathew S. - Burnaby BC
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