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Silverfish in Vancouver

What was that? A creepy crawly just caught your attention out of the corner of your eye. There is a good chance it was a Silverfish. Found in the majority of homes, schools, and workplaces; Silverfish populations often get into higher numbers before being discovered. They are found outdoors, but we aren’t worried about those ones. Common in wall voids, under baseboard edges, in boxes, and near sources of moisture; Silverfish are a very common pest.

High reproduction rates are attributed to an 8 year lifespan in combination with the continued egg production. Between 2 and 20 eggs a day can be deposited.

While no health concerns exist with silverfish, they can be destructive pests in your home. While preferring starches, proteins, and sugars, they will readily confuse your possessions for a tasty meal. Dining on glues, wallpaper, book bindings, cotton, silk, and papers.

Silverfish are wingless insects that slither across the floor resembling the movements of a fish. Sometimes confused with a cockroach, they are silver in color. A similar shaped insect, the Firebrat, is differentiated by a duller gray / brown coloring. Higher temperatures are preferred by firebrats so you are more likely to find them around your hot water tank then your bathroom area like a Silverfish. Silverfish and Firebrats are Bristletails. They are nocturnal and flee quickly from vibration and light.

The most efficient way to prevent them is to control your home’s humidity levels with a dehumidifier. If silverfish are keeping your lights on at night, it is best to hire a pest control professional for infestations that may reach far beyond the surface into attics, crawlspaces, and wall voids.

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