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Squirrel Removal in Vancouver

Hearing noises in your ceiling or attic in the morning and evening? Loud scratching sounds overhead? Something running through the vent systems? Noises coming from your chimney or fireplace? Sounds like you have a Squirrel problem!!

Often people confuse squirrels and rats when they hear noises in there attic space. The big difference is what time of day you hear the noises. Rats you will only hear in the middle of the night when most people go to sleep. Squirrel noises will be heard in the morning and evening on the same schedule as us! Usually just to live up to the name of being a “pest” they will make their noise just before you want to wake up or just after you want to go to sleep! Squirrels can also be heard all throughout the day! No need to worry! Atlas will come out and do a full home inspection to solve your squirrel problem and make sure it never returns. We are so confident in our workmanship we will even give a 5-year warranty to ensure you are squirrel free!


The name “squirrel” originates from the ancient Greek word, skiouros, which means “shadow-tailed”, and it is a squirrel’s bushy tail that is its most prominent feature, a multipurpose device for communicating and balancing. It is thanks to their tail and razor-sharp claws that afford them their acrobatic flair and ability to scale walls that would even have Spiderman taken aback in awe. Their intelligence and determination, coupled with their nimble, ninja-like skills, means they will find a way into your home.

Once inside and before long, our frisky, adorable friends will turn your attic or chimney into their very own living quarters. Sometimes, our little stunt artists will get trapped in a chimney flue, or on the odd occasion, all mayhem will break loose when a squirrel is inside your home (via the fireplace)! This therefore ranks our busy little buddies as one of the most commonly complained about culprits.

Squirrels have very sharp incisors, which continue to grow throughout their life. The pint-sized rascals keep their pearly whites sharp by gnawing on wood, ducts and pipes. It is also a squirrel’s love of chewing electrical wiring, often found in attics, which poses a huge fire risk.

Aside from the scurrying about in the eaves (which may sound more like thumping if you are trying to catch your nightly forty winks), the noise squirrels make should be the least of your concerns. A squirrel has an exceptionally large appetite, consuming almost its body weight in food per week, thereby resulting in countless droppings. This, along with urine-sodden nesting material brought in from the outside presents the same excrement health risks (such as leptospirosis or salmonella) associated with less adorable rats and mice.

To avoid squirrels driving you nuts, you can definitely rely on Atlas experts to not only resolve, but also help prevent any reoccurrence.

Did You Know? Although it may seem that squirrels are on an never-ending quest to recover food, they have a smart tactic: by either licking or rubbing their treasure prior to burying it, leaves a scent, enabling the squirrels to find it once the winter has subsided.

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Customer Testimonials

     ”I had Rats in my attic space and called Atlas, They came out and solved the problem. One month later the issue came back. I called Atlas and they sent somebody back hassle free and for no additional charge! As a homeowner, it is a great feeling when a company stands behind there warranty in full”

    - Marc & Lee G. - Langley BC

     ”Raymond from ATLAS was the 3rd company I called to solve my squirrel problem and the only one that ended up finding the hole in which the squirrel was entering, he ended up being the lowest price and I was squirrel free the next day! I would definitely call Atlas for any future pest control problems I may have

    - Gary W. - Vancouver BC

     ”Had a bird issue……called Atlas….. no bird issue anymore. They even gave me a 5-year warranty to ensure me I wouldn’t have one again”

    - Mathew S. - Burnaby BC
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