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Wasps and hornets can leave a nasty sting. These flying creatures can become highly aggressive insects when defending their homes. If you have a hornet or wasp infestation around your home or business, our team offers fast, effective pest control in Vancouver to protect your property. We offer:

  • Detection: If you think you have spotted a hornet or wasp's nest on your property, it's time to act quickly. The earlier you intervene, the more time you have to call for hornet and wasp control before a small nest escalates into a massive problem.
  • Elimination: While you may be able to safely handle other insects, removing hornet and wasp nests should be left to the professionals. We know how to approach species properly, including European Paper Wasps, Bald Faced Hornets, and Yellow Jackets, to best protect you and your property.
  • Prevention: Our job doesn't end at nest removal. We will provide you with tactics such as setting up wasp traps and securing garbage cans, to prevent wasps and hornets from returning to your house or commercial building.
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Types of Wasps Seen in Vancouver

European Paper Wasps

A newcomer to BC, the European Paper Wasp is also known as the Umbrella Wasp. Its yellow and black covering often tricks people into thinking it is the native Paper Wasp or Yellow Jacket; however, this type of wasp has a more slender body and longer legs. Despite their differences, this wasp still carries a nasty sting, even though it's less painful than the sting of a Bald-Faced Hornet or Yellow Jacket.

Yellow Jackets

Due to their similar size and colouring, this type of wasp is commonly misidentified as a bee; however, the similarities end there. Unlike bees, Yellow Jackets are not capable of carrying pollen and hunt for meat to take home to their larvae instead. Additionally, Yellow Jackets can sting multiple times if they feel threatened, making them a safety risk if not handled carefully.

Bald-Faced Hornets

Out of the three types of wasps mentioned, hornets are the largest. Bald-Faced Hornets are easily recognizable due to their striking black and white colouring and can also sting repeatedly if threatened. All three live in hives and build decently large nests. However, Yellow Jackets and Bald-Faced Hornets have the largest colonies, with four or five thousand wasps per hive, compared to the Paper Wasps dozen.

Types of Wasps We Can Help Remove

Wasps. Whether a large nest or small, our technicians have seen it all. When provoked, wasps can pose a threat to human safety, growing particularly aggressive if you approach their nests. At Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control, we ensure safe and professional wasp removal, removing their nests to thoroughly solve your pest problem.

Hornets. Known to be quite menacing, seeing a Bald-Faced Hornet on your property calls for professional intervention. If you think you have a hornet problem, be cautious and call our pest control experts immediately. Our technicians can conduct fast, effective hornet nest removal, minimizing any potential danger to you and your neighbours.

Don't let a nest of angry hornets or wasps put your safety at risk. Call us today to book an inspection.

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Wasp nest in the old tree

What To Do When You See A Nest

Spotting a large wasp or hornet's nest on your property can be a daunting experience and should be handled with caution. Wasps and hornets can be incredibly dangerous, as certain species become highly aggressive if provoked. If you come across a wasp or hornet's nest, protect your safety by following these steps.

  1. Assess from a Distance: Recognize the potential danger. Large nests can be home to thousands of wasps and/ or hornets, which can become aggressive if they feel threatened. Avoid close interaction and monitor from a safe distance.
  2. Limit Access: Ensure people are aware of the danger and location of the nest. If there are children or pets in the area, keep them far away from the nest to prevent accidental disturbances.
  3. Eliminate Attractants: Remove or securely cover any food sources, including waste bins and outdoor eating areas, to avoid attracting more pests to your property.
  4. Do Not Provoke: Do not attempt to remove or destroy the nest yourself. While you may be tempted to intervene, actions like hitting the nest with a broom could provoke the insects, resulting in a swarm attack.
  5. Call the Professionals: Contact Atlas Pest and Wildlife Control, your local pest control experts in Vancouver. With specialized knowledge in wasp control and hornet control, we are equipped to safely and effectively handle the situation.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest In Vancouver With Pest Control

The cost of removing a wasp's nest in Vancouver varies based on several factors. Details like the nest's size, accessibility, and location all impact the cost, as well as the type of wasp and urgency of the case. Because of this, it's best to call our team directly to receive a quote on your wasp nest removal in Vancouver.
Wasp nest in a residential building

Wasp Life Cycle and Behaviour

All three varieties of wasps mentioned have fairly consistent life cycles in Vancouver. The cycle begins with the queen waking from her winter hibernation in the spring. At this time, she quickly builds a nest, lays her first round of larvae, and feeds them until they are strong enough to become her workers and expand her nest. These nests are usually built in somewhat hidden areas, like off a branch in a tree, a dark attic, or other areas where human intervention is minimal.

The queen continues to lay eggs while her workers feed the young while protecting and expanding the nest. The drones are the males that grow from unfertilized eggs, and their sole purpose is to mate with the new queens that hatch during this cycle. When mating season is complete, the new queens go into hibernation while all the other wasps die. As for the nest, it is abandoned and will likely never be used again.

Wasps in Vancouver have varied diets, with workers favouring nectar, sap, and fruit, while larvae consume meat provided by workers, who feed on a sugary secretion from the larvae. This diet includes insects and, on occasion, human food. This leads to dangerous wasp-human interactions and makes the need for reliable wasp control in Vancouver a necessity.

What Is the Best Time to Remove a Wasp Nest

The best time to remove a wasp's nest is in the early morning, evening or during the night. These are the most efficient times, as most of the wasps should be inside the nest rather than out foraging. This ensures that when the extermination and removal occur, the majority of the wasps are killed. Otherwise, you may have many wasps hanging around for several days, potentially building more nests nearby.

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What Attracts Wasps

Wasps are attracted to areas with lots of food sources. For example, they are drawn to exposed garbage, open food containers, and sugary drinks. They also seek out potential nesting sites, including sheltered spots like eaves, attics, and wall cavities, as well as wood fibre sources for nest building.

What Do Wasps Feed On

Depending on the species, wasps feed on a variety of foods. Typically, adult wasps consume nectar, fruit, and sugary substances, while they provide proteins such as insects and meat for their larvae. Some species also feed on other pests, making them natural pest controllers.

How to Detect Wasps

To detect wasps, you have to keep an eye out for physical signs of their presence. This could be spotting nests in sheltered areas, seeing wasps fly in and out of a particular location, and hearing buzzing sounds. Observing spots around your property that are less frequently visited is a good way to detect wasp activity early on.

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