Arachnophobia is the fear of Spiders. It is one of the most common fears in the world. It affects approximately 10% of men and 50% of women. The severity of the fear can vary. Unless you are willing to move to Antarctica, you are never going to be far from a spider. In fact, walk anywhere in British Columbia and you’ll be less than a meter from a spider. With more than 700 known species in the province, arachnids are everywhere, from mountaintops to intertidal zones.

The spider may not be your favorite creature to look at, but  are simply fascinating. All spiders have 8 legs. They not ‘insects’ but are called arthropods. The strongest material in the world is considered the silk that Spiders create. Scientists haven’t been able to recreate this design even with all the technology we have today. When a Spider is moving there are always 4 legs on the surface and 4 off of it.

Black widows are found in BC, but are typically not aggressive towards humans. While the spider’s venom is neurotoxic to humans, even if one does bite a person, the small amount of venom injected is very rarely fatal to a person.

The ground-dwelling wolf spider, which does not weave a web, is abundant in B.C., ranging from intertidal zones to alpine meadows. Normally, it is found in the dry southern Interior.

The more common indoor spider is the house spider. It varies in color from dirty white to nearly black, with visible markings on its body. It builds webs in dark corners, under furniture and anywhere insects might be caught.

The majority of Spiders you will encounter are happy outside. They are beneficial at removing other unwanted insects from your property. If Spiders are causing a negative impact at your structure, Call Atas today.

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