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Port Coquitlam Pest Control Service


th-1Despite the first part of its name, which is rather misleading since the city does not have a port, Port Coquitlam should be recognized for its railway – the Canadian Pacific Railway, which was a major impetus for the creation of the municipality in the early part of the twentieth century. Port Coquitlam has ample outdoor space, ranging from hectares of natural areas with the Fraser River to one side and mountains to the other and a mixture of forest, creek, meadow and marsh in between to parks, trails and farmland. Yet, what was originally farmland is now mostly suburban housing (a result of an over-spill from Vancouver), together with industrial and commercial areas. Atlas experts have the (wildlife and pest control) know-how to keep this problem to an absolute minimum.


Did You Know?: Celebrated with a salmon on Port Coquitlam’s coat of arms, the city’s river is a place of the salmon annual spawning route; hence the second part of its name “Coquitlam” or more accurate “Kwikwetlam”, which is a Coastal Salish term for “red fish up the river”.port-coquitlam-map